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Accomplish more... faster with professionals whose sole purpose is to help you keep balanced and on track

Edward Luttner Associates represents over 45 years of combined experience in the fields of Career Management and Corporate Outplacement. Our sole purpose is to help our clients make successful, satisfying, and lucrative career moves.

Our firm also provides a complete entrepreneurial service package for clients wishing to start their own business. Our success at helping clients is the result of a highly committed professional staff.

Did You Know That...
Sixty percent (60%) of senior executives maintain active professional relationships with their career consultants, recent surveys reveal. Although there are a variety of reasons, most cite their need for an independent third party to evaluate new job opportunities.

Many executives, floundering at absence of mentors throughout the corporate structure, are relying on professional career consultants to fill these important roles.

At Edward Luttner Associates we confirm this trend and fully expect it to continue. We understand the needs of the individual and the challenges you face. This is why we provide ongoing career consultation services as an integral part of our client relationship.

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