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Understanding and building on your unique strengths

Unfortunately, most of us have very little insight into our talents and strengths.  As a result we tend to focus the majority of our energy trying to understand and correct our weaknesses instead of building on our strengths.  Edward Luttner Associates has incorporated programs to help individuals to identify and clarify their talents and build on these strengths.

A major component of Career Satisfaction is self-knowledge and self-management.  Extensive research indicates that you will be happier and more productive when you are in a Career with people that have a similar vision, goals, ethics, and drive.  Identifying your interests, the things you like to do, and the Career Position that appeals to you, will increase your career satisfaction, your positive attitude, your spiritual and physical well being, and ultimately your overall happiness.

Behavioral Assessments

Career assessments come in many forms and vary along several dimensions.  Some assessments are behavioral in nature.  They focus on the individual's significant life events, identifying building blocks that have allowed them to develop in their career. Based on this information and data, this behavioral assessment builds a career focus that is realistic, that the individual can get excited about—and ultimately—be very confident in.

People making career transitions do so for very good reasons, some very serious reasons, otherwise they would never conduct a transitional change or job search.  When they do reach the point of saying, “I need to make a good career change,” many questions come into their minds that they did not have prior to this transitional decision.  Namely, they reflect on questions like: "How long is it going to take me to make a good change?  Will I be as competent in the next situation as I have in the past?  Will I be respected, happy, and satisfied?  Will the next situation be stable and provide a good income so I can support my family?"  These and other reflective questions tend to deplete the individuals energies and almost always erodes at their confidence base.  The behavioral assessment helps to bring these feelings and anxieties forward, creating stronger self-knowledge—and allow the individual to focus their energies on achieving a positive career change.

Personality Types

Another assessment is a more nonjudgmental tool that looks at the strengths and gifts of the individual.  Understanding their personality type helps an individual to understand and apply their personal preferences in a positive way and appreciate the preferences of others that are different then theirs.  This understanding creates a stronger communication and leadership style which ultimately leads to career satisfaction.

EI: Emotional Intelligence & 360°

Finally, Edward Luttner Associates is accredited and certified by the HayGroup to administer the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory.  This on-line instrument (ESCI) measures the behaviors that contribute to leadership effective performance. This instrument focuses on behaviors that are observable, recognizable and distinct. The feedback package shows participants how others experience their behavior in terms of the consistency with which they demonstrate emotional and social intelligence competencies.  It helps the participants to appreciate their strengths, to recognize how consistently they do certain things, and to identify what they can do to be more effective leaders.  The competency Model focuses on: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.       

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