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This position very closely matched my original career objectives in terms of both job description and remuneration potential. In the process of securing the full time role with this group, you coached me through successful project-based consulting positions with five different firms. In the end, I had two firm full-time offers and a third soft, but promising, opportunity from which to choose. Thank you for your skilled and expert advice and assistance which was essential to the positive result achieved.

- Chief Operating Officer — Early stage, technology-based, medical device company in Northeast Ohio

I thank you for all the support that you provided in my search process. I feel that I have finally moved on to a position where I can add value to both my personal development and the corporation’s growth initiatives. I received two significant offers within two weeks of each other. I highly value your services which have helped me tremendously in exploiting my achievements, credentials and successes to their full extent. I don’t think I would have been able to do this by myself.

- Chief Technology Officer — $4 Billion Financial Services Group located on the East Coast

As you can probably tell from my tone, I am thrilled to be here and look forward to getting good traction in this new position as quickly as I can. I got my sign on bonus yesterday and have finished all of the new employee paperwork. The individual members of the department are dynamic and engaging. My boss is GREAT, very understanding and supportive.

- Vice President-Legacy Giving Officer — Well known, internationally recognized Orchestra

Your extensive research into my background, and the resultant 'ideal position description' we created, helped me to discern between three simultaneous offers I had.

- District Manager — National Distribution Company

I believe I've found one of those great fits where you are paid to have fun.

- Director of Operations — Major Metropolitan Healthcare Facility

I feel this position offers an excellent opportunity for professional and personal growth with substantial rewards.

- Plant Manager — Manufacturing Firm

I would never have put this compensation package together without the professional presence and confidence that I built up during our consulting sessions. Not only did I obtain my goal, but I am ahead (salary) by a minimum of 20% with the expectations of 50% over my present position. The other fringe benefits negotiated are exciting. I can't thank you enough for all your expert assistance.

- Director of Sales — Specialty Chemical Company

Financially, this is a great opportunity, and is a real challenge. Negotiated a $250,000 income with a bonus arrangement that could double this base salary.

- President — Diversified Holding Company

While I always felt I was an entrepreneur in spirit, it was only through your comprehensive testing, personal analysis and detailed conversation that this suspicion was confirmed. Currently I'm well on my way to building a meaningful and challenging career which is self-designed, self-directed and solely-dependent upon my efforts and business acumen.

- Plant Manager — Manufacturing Firm

I wanted out of my field, but I didn't really know what career decisions to pursue. You helped me identify my particular skills and strengths, document them with past achievements, and see that they were transferable to the business and industrial worlds.

- Director of Education — Hospital

In addition to achieving my primary aim of of relocating to San Antonio, the position offers increased responsibility and income. It paid off handsomely. In fact I received three offers within this last week in Texas. As a relatively recent arrival in the USA, you have assisted me in my assimilation into the business environment, helped me to clarify my aims and generally improved my self-confidence.

- Engineering Manager — Computer Software Manufacturer

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