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 Corporate Outplacement

Professional assistance for employees whose jobs are being terminated

Edward Luttner Associates is an outplacement firm that provides professional assistance to job hunters to help them make a quick and effective transition from one employer to another. Our philosophy on outplacement is to assist each candidate to establish career goals and to give them the tools to meet and exceed their goals.

Our trained professionals offer these employees valuable direction and methods of finding new positions. Outplaced candidates have the right to expect that their consultant will use the widest assortment of strategies available with the sole goal of shortening their period of unemployment with a good career choice.

Key advantages of using Edward Luttner Associates for corporate outplaement:

  • ELA is genuinely interested in our candidate’s welfare, treating them with dignity and professionalism and continually moving the client toward creative, realistic goals and objectives, motivating them at each stage and presenting them with the best possible consulting advice, enabling them to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • ELA is a Development Group bringing various growth packages to candidates based on their immediate needs and do this on an as needed basis rather than as a random, manualized product: “Here is a manual, go and read it…”
  • Number and level of consulting staff competencies to service you.
  • One of the largest local offices in the Region.
  • We provide executive forums for you to meet with top professionals while receiving top level information on the business community from executives in their fields.
  • Work more individually and personally with clients-not just getting you trained and then you are “virtually on your own.”
  • Satisfied Customers.
  • Warranty our services.  If something would adversely impact the first career move we would help you reestablish your career during the duration of the contract.
  • Behavioral and Profile focusing to make sure your career is moving in the right direction and that you are confident in your direction and your future.
  • Multiple resume formats, working with you to afford the maximum confidence in presenting your credentials.  We provide more than one resume, develop them and print them professionally.
  • Work more entrepreneurially with individual clients.
  • Working with a committed staff.
  • Completed over 20 years in the Independence offices.
  • Provide an executive workshop format and quarterly executive breakfast forums for your development, giving you, the client, the privacy and anonymity required for consulting services.  Provide career management assistance once in a new position, or help you develop your career internally, with professional advice.
  • Dedicated and Professional Support Staff that are well qualified and have remained and supported the company over the years.  Stable!

For more information about our Corporate Outplacement Services, please contact us today.

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