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 Executive Coaching for Success

Most great success stories have had a guide or a mentor who played a critical role in their success

Businesses are hiring coaches for their knowledge, support, and objectivity. Coaches foster motivation, accountablity, and follow-through. Ultimately, they foster success and well-being.

Executive Coaching Specialty Areas:

  • Corporate Coaching: facilitating the optimal functioning and performance of the professionals, executives, and managers of the organization
  • Marketing & Sales: sales coaches, marketing coaches, brand management coaches, promotions coaches, advertising coaches

Coaching: The Process of Personal Change

  • Recognize the need for change
  • Model to define what needs to be changed
  • Assessment to define present state
  • Set and implement goals for change
  • Assess progress

Value of Assessments

  • Accurate self-insight
  • Vehicle to facilitate progress

Focus of Coaching

  • Understand the gap between actual and ideal
  • Identify competencies most critical to succeed
  • Choosing one or two areas for change
  • Developing a change plan

Competencies Needing Development

  • Self Confidence
  • Achievement
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Influence
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Change Catalyst

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